Our Director of Sport, Sir Clive Woodward, knows what it takes to win. Having already brought unprecedented success to England Rugby and Team GB (2008, 2010, and 2012 Olympics), Clive is applying his proven philosophy and innovative methods of learning, training and preparation to the world of skiing.

Based on Clive’s belief that classroom learning is key to achieving sporting success, we have developed a truly unique programme that combines an outstanding academic curriculum with world-leading ski coaching and performance training. By placing as much significance on learning and preparation as the skiing itself, we believe we are better placed to prepare our students for success both on and off the slopes.



Take a worldly-approach to education, don’t be afraid to have setbacks and enjoy your point of view being challenged


Don’t just take what is presented as given, dig deeper into conversations or new topics to develop mastery of the subject


Self-regulate your work and take initiative to get the job done


Pin-point your own learning objectives and follow them through


Have a will to succeed and achieve in everything you do which is fuelled by yourself


Share thoughts, processes and ideas with other students and teachers to create deeper, longer-lasting understanding of concepts


Blended curriculum

Led by the Director of Education, Chris Thomson, the APEX2100 International Ski Academy will place education centre-stage. We adapt the education to the busy training and race schedules of our athletes. A blended curriculum is delivered by a team of highly qualified, experienced teachers and tutors via a mix of online, face-to-face and small group lessons.

International Learning

With international competition a key part of the Apex Programme, we use pioneering cutting-edge technology to ensure students thrive in their academic studies no matter where they are in the world.

Connected Schools

Until U16, students maintain strong academic links with home by spending sections of the year back in their own school. After U16, students will attend Apex full-time, following an internationally recognised curriculum, specifically chosen to support international students for a career in competition and life after sport.

Care and Wellbeing

At Apex, the well-being of every child is paramount. In partnering with the highly respected schools group, United Learning, who help provide all aspects of the academic programme, all our students are looked after by specially selected House Parents and a team of dedicated boarding staff.




Learn the dynamic position to adopt as you travel down the slope


Understand the relationship between the holding of the skis on the snow and the direction of the skis


Grasp the ability to sense stimuli within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium


Learn the best route to take from the start to the finish of the slope


Develop the skills needed to vary and maintain pressure between the skis and the snow


Improve the angle you create between the axis of the skis and the direction of movement

Pole Plant

Discover how to use the ski pole on the inside of turns as a timing device to help keep a constant rhythm and to stabilise the upper body


Apex Coaching

The APEX2100 International Ski Academy will provide a world-class ski coaching programme led by Head Coach, Alex Vitanov, who has a vast amount of experience at the highest level of both international ski racing and coaching.

Apex Training

Skiers at Apex will learn the sport of ski racing using the 4D (Discover, Distil, Do, Digital) Training Process pioneered by our Director of Sport, Sir Clive Woodward – which he used with the England Rugby team who won the World Cup in 2003.

Working in partnerships

At Apex we are proud to be the first official “FIS Development Programme Academy Partner" and to work closely with FIS to share knowledge and best practice on development programmes for athletes in winter sports.

A fundamental Apex philosophy is to build partnerships with key local stakeholders including Club des Sport Tignes and Comité De Ski de Savoie, as well as with the Fédération Française de Ski. We are extremely proud to have already established strong partnerships with all three organisations which will provide our skiers with the best access and opportunity to compete and succeed on the international stage.




Understand how to get the most out of what you eat

Strength & Conditioning

Improve physical performance and fitness

Balance & Co-ordination

Develop world-class multi-sensory and motor skills

Visual Intelligence

Make faster and smarter decisions through eye and brain training

Brain Fitness

Develop the broader life skills needed for all-round success

Sleep & Recovery

Manage and maximise sleeping habits and routines

Digital Wellness

Learn how to stay safe and healthy in a digital world

Health Management

Grasp and adopt the core drivers of being and staying healthy


Preparation is everything

How you prepare to perform is key to becoming a successful athlete. Led by Director of Performance, Jeremy Mather, the Apex Wellness programme is a unique and groundbreaking high performance programme, devised by our Director of Sport Sir Clive Woodward. Specially crafted for Apex2100, the Wellness programme has been created to enable athletes with the necessary skills to perform to the highest possible standards in all areas of their life. Athletes will also receive continuous education about the dangers of doping, manipulation of competitions and the importance of having a supporting entourage that embraces clean sport.

World Leading Innovators

At Apex2100 we have recruited a number of hand-picked world-class experts who will deliver modules covering: Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Balance & Co-ordination, Visual Intelligence, Mental Wellbeing, Sleep & Recovery, Digital Wellness and Health Management. These are the core building blocks that we believe allow young people to prepare to perform at their optimum.

Through the Apex Foundation our ambition in the future is to share these learnings with all young children across the world and not just those who attend the academy.


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Become an athlete


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